2021 Training – January Wrap Up

Can’t believe January came and went already. Here is my January wrap up. Overall I have been managing to keep my mileage up and have also made some progress on planning out the remainder of the year. The weather has been really mild up until recently when winter decided to show up. The snow, wind and cold has been a challenge but I am not letting it get in the way!

Second Half 2021 Highlights:

Week 3 – 29.34 Miles/ 1,624ft Elevation

Week 4 – 33.09 Miles/ 1,549ft Elevation

Races so far…

I didn’t run any virtual races or otherwise in the second half of January.

Races on the Horizon…

Below is my current race schedule for the rest of 2021…..

  • Mt Tammany 10 (40 Miler) – March 20 (Waitlist)
  • Hyner Trail Challenge (50k) – April 24
  • OSS/CIA 50 Miler (Night time race) – June 12
  • Rim to River 100 Miler – November 6 (Waitlist)

I am hoping to find another big race for the end of September/ early October. If you have any suggestions let me know! I also plan to fill in some of the gaps with shorter races along the way. The 100 miler is definitely an ambitious year end goal but we will see how things go as we get closer, November is a long ways off.

In general I am happy with how my training is going but I have been slacking on my strength workouts. I have also not done a great job of doing any stretching or flexibility work. These are two areas I really want to try and make some improvement in moving forward.

Alright that is it for this update. Check back in soon!

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