2021 Training – Mid April Update

The warm weather is moving in and my first race of the season is approaching quickly. These past two weeks have been a little more challenging than I would of hoped. I have been struggling with some tendonitis which is manageable but annoying and my anxiety around trying to manage my training load while not feeling like I am missing out or letting myself down by not training hard enough. At this point I know I just need to trust what I have done is enough to see me through race day and come back afterwards with a more concrete training plan for the rest of the season.

I dropped my overall mileage a good amount to try and manage my recovery better. As part of that I added in more mountain biking also but I think I went pretty hard with that also and didn’t really help myself much. Warming up and easing into activities has never been a strength of mine. I think that is why I will benefit a lot from a more structured training plan moving forward.

First Half April 2021 Highlights:

Week 3 – 22.33 Miles/ 1,391 ft Elevation

Week 4 – 19.42 Miles/ 1,919 ft Elevation (22.66 miles/ 607 ft elevation mountain biking)

Races so far…

I didn’t run any virtual races or otherwise in the first half of April.

Races on the Horizon…

Below is my current race schedule for the rest of 2021…..

  • Hyner Trail Challenge (50k) – April 24
  • Cranford Pizza Run (5k) – May 16
  • OSS/CIA 50 Miler (Night time race) – June 12
  • Mt Tammany 10 (40 Miler) – March 20 (Waitlist) Rescheduled to October 30, Registration hasn’t opened yet.
  • Rim to River 100 Miler – November 6 (Waitlist)

I am still open to finding another race for the end of September/ early October. If you have any suggestions let me know! I also plan to fill in some of the gaps with shorter races along the way. The 100 miler remains an ambitious year end goal but we will see how things go as we get closer, November is a long ways off.

Alright that is it for this update. Check back in soon!

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