My name is Adam, and I am a geologist from New Jersey. Since the day I saw the 1998 Everest film in IMAX at the Liberty Science Center as a kid I have been hooked to the idea of big mountains and big adventures. As a child I consumed every bit of adventure literature I could get my hands on and studied photos of huge mountains in National Geographic with awe and wonder. I knew that one day I had to explore those wild places with my own eyes. Being from New Jersey, the mountains are not always convenient, but I have made it a point to seek them out with every opportunity I have.

In highschool I took up rock climbing and eventually transitioned to outdoor climbing in my 20s. This was really my main jumping off point to enjoying the outdoors. Eventually a climbing injury (it was not so bad and still climb today!) led me to hiking more which opened a new desire to bag peaks and spending long days in the mountains. Eventually my internal competitiveness came back and the hiking transitioned to trail running. As of 2021 and now in my 30s, trail running is where I am focusing my competitive energy. In the middle of all of that I got married and bought and renovated a home which have been amazing adventures on their own.

I am excited to see and experience new things every day.


  1. Loved your bio and can relate to it… I live in NYC, not close to the adks, but called to them! Happily and
    diligently making my way through the 46. Leaving tomorrow for a week… 8 peaks planned. Keep posting!

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