About Operation Hiking

OperationAlaska.com was originally created in 2015 as a place for me to share my adventures and experiences on my journey to climbing big mountains in Alaska and beyond. I hoped that my stories would help inspire others to pursue their passions, even when those dreams feel too difficult and out of reach. In retrospect I think recording the journey helped me immensely. As I experienced more places and people, the original intent of the blog began to drift away, and it developed into a more general site for my stories and experiences. As of this writing I have still not met my original goal but instead I got married, bought and renovated a house and discovered more about myself than I think I could have ever planned for. All of this has been infinitely more meaningful to me than any summit. Although I still hope to one day make it to Alaska and climb a big mountain, in the meanwhile I want to open the new and improved OperationHiking.com to the broader sense of adventure I have developed.

In addition to telling my own story, OperationHiking.com is dedicated to providing the very best trip reports and knowledge you need to better plan and enjoy your next outdoor adventure. You can expect to find high quality trip reports, helpful information about specific areas, tips and tricks, and even gear reviews. All of this information is delivered through the eyes of an everyday adventurer, so you know these objectives are things that can be attained by anyone that puts in the time and energy. The hope is that the information located here will help make the planning easier and show that anything is possible if you put your mind and energy into it.

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