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Looking back on 2020…

Well, 2020 was a tough year but one positive thing that came out of it was that I moved to a full work from home schedule indefinitely. What this means for me is that I no longer spend 3+ hours of each day commuting, which is a massive time savings. With all the free time I was able to commit […]

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Welcome to Operation Hiking!

New year, new blog! (not really, but rebranded is new enough right) Over the past couple of years my attention to this blog has been sporadic at best as other aspects of life took my focus. I would think to myself often that I should write more but the motivation just wasn’t there. I think I lost sight of why […]

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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park – CA, September 2017

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is an urban park located in the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood. The park is geared towards historical exploration of our nations maritime history and offers visitors the sights, sounds, smells and stories of Pacific Coast maritime history. The primary attraction of the park is its magnificent fleet of historic ships,  Maritime Museum, Maritime Research Center, […]

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