2021 Training – Mid January Update

Well half way into January already and I figured I would recap how things are shaping up so far. I feel like taking the time to write out how my training has been going is a good way to keep myself accountable. I am also always open to thoughts and ideas from others so feel free to shoot me an e-mail or chime in in the comments section.

First Half 2021 Highlights:

Week 1 – 25.22 Miles/ 728ft Elevation

Week 2 – 32.29 Miles/ 2,405ft Elevation

Races so far…

January 9, 2021

Virtual – Chilly Willy Half Marathon – 2h 13m (10:09 pace)

This run felt pretty good and I was able to keep a pretty consistent pace. The two noticeable blips are from bathroom stops. I have been recently running my regular halfs on a pretty flat course that stays out in the sun the whole time and is open and easy to avoid others on the weekend. On the weekend narrow single track can be a hassle because the local parks can be crowded with people walking their dogs and strolling etc.

January 16, 2021

Virtual – Waverly Trail Bash Half Marathon – 2h 09m (9:47 pace)

I ran this one on the same course as the previous week. My big take away is that I feel really confident maintaining this pace moving forward but I am finding it hard to want to push harder in the cold weather. I think this is something more mental than physical that I need to keep working on.

So far I have stayed major injury free and have only been dealing with some manageable tendonitis. I am also continuing to do core work outs 2-3 times a week to supplement my running. Strength training is still one area I want to be more consistent in moving forward. With the added mileage running I have also cut back on indoor Peloton rides which I think is a fair trade but I do want to try and stick to at least a couple rides a week during recovery time mostly.

Alright that is it for this update. Check back in soon!

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