2021 Training – Mid February Update

Well we made it half way into February, that was quick! It flew by if I am honest and the name of the game has been snow, snow, snow. There has been more snow this year than I can remember having in a LONG time. It has made getting in my miles challenging but I am happy I managed to keep up with my plan. Overall I have felt pretty good despite the weather but nursing a tweaked ankle has been a challenge. Thankfully, it seems to finally be coming around.

I also manage to get one skiing day in Week 2 this month which was nice. I haven’t broken out the skis at all this year on account of covid.

First Half 2021 Highlights:

Week 1 – 31.47 Miles/ 1,768ft Elevation

Week 2 – 25.03 Miles/ 1,237ft Elevation

Races so far…

January 9, 2021

Virtual – Snowman Stampede Half Marathon – 2h 30m 24s (11:23 pace)

Well this half was a struggle if I am honest. The weather was bad, and my motivation was low. All of the trails had a foot or more snow on them with post holes everywhere. With my ankle not quite 100% this wasn’t very doable without getting hurt so I had to stick to running the same park roads and and forth which isn’t all that inspiring, but I got it done. Hoping to break sub 2hrs finally once the weather improves and the trails become a new muddy mess.


Well I have gotten into doing a more thorough stretching/yoga routine several times a week. I think this has honestly already been helping. I have always been really horrible about warming up and stretching so I think any amount would be helpful. We have more snow in the forecast for the next week but after that the weather should start to improve and the snow melt. Not being able to run my regular trail loops has really made it hard for me to adjust which is another thing to work on. I need to figure out so more reliable routes for bigger distance when the trails aren’t available. I am open to any advice here!

Alright that is it for this update. Check back in soon!

Races on the Horizon…

Below is my current race schedule for the rest of 2021…..

  • Mt Tammany 10 (40 Miler) – March 20 (Waitlist)
  • Hyner Trail Challenge (50k) – April 24
  • OSS/CIA 50 Miler (Night time race) – June 12
  • Rim to River 100 Miler – November 6 (Waitlist)

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