White Domes Loop, Rainbow Vista, Fire Wave – Valley of Fire State Park, NV January 2017

At the end of our trip back in January we made one last stop at Valley of Fire State Park, about an hour outside of Las Vegas. This is a park I have heard of in the past but had never visited. It is fairly small (by western standards) but is very beautiful and accessible without much effort. Since the hikes are fairly short and well marked I won’t recount them in detail here but instead will just add some photos for each. If you are in the area I would highly recommend paying this park a visit! A small entrance fee is required but it is very reasonable.


Map of the park. We were able to hike most of the trails in one afternoon with only hustling a little bit.

White Domes Loop




Small slot canyon along the trail, you can avoid this entirely by walking around but why would you want to!


Stav decided he would take the high road over the water.


I took my preferred shoes off approach to water travel.



Rainbow Vista

View heading down to the overlook at the end of the trail.


Kelly taking in the view from up high.


Lego Ranger was on hand for some wilderness education.



Fire Wave

Its not quite “The Wave” but still a nice little approximation.


Looking back towards the trailhead.


Lego Rangers pro tip of the day – Beware of wildlife!


Eric working on taking the good shots.

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