Welcome to Operation Hiking!

New year, new blog! (not really, but rebranded is new enough right)

Over the past couple of years my attention to this blog has been sporadic at best as other aspects of life took my focus. I would think to myself often that I should write more but the motivation just wasn’t there. I think I lost sight of why I was doing this in the first place, and it made me question even continuing at all but 2020 I think put a lot of things in perspective for myself and left me with a new energy for the things I love. I think it has also left me wanting to connect with people more than I have in the past and this blog remains one of my best avenues to do that.

I hope the new and improved blog will be a tool for me to learn new things (like making the new logo!) and improve on old skills (like killer trip reports)! It should also be a better place for me to post more about my personal experiences, my training, and my adventures. I really wanted the changes to reflect my current mood and motivation. Sometimes your plans and motivations change, and that is OK.

There are big plans for 2021 and I hope others will come along for the ride and be there along the way.

Some house keeping notes on the changes:

-The Operation Alaska Benchmark Challenge will remain completely unchanged. Keep finding those and submitting your info!

-All of the old content is still available and will remain so.

-The about and bio have been updated, but otherwise the old blog is unchanged.

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