Badwater Basin – Death Valley National Park, CA 1-22-17

After leaving Zabriskie Point we made our way over to the lowest point in North America, Badwater Basin. I have been here a couple of times before but this was actually the first time I had seen it so saturated with the recent rain fall. It was interesting to see such a typical dry place with so much standing water. Badwater Basin is right off the roadway and a worn path leading you away from the parking lot will take you as far out into the salt flat as you care to go.

Looking out from the parking lot.


Sign marking the elevation at 282 ft below sea level.


The well worn path leading away into the salt flats.


Looking back at the parking lot.

Badwater Basin doesn’t seem like much when your standing in the parking lot but I highly recommend walking further out to see more of the untouched areas. This is a popular place for people to visit but the further you walk the less people you will find around you and as a result you get many more pristine views. We even got lucky enough to see a rainbow.

View further along the worn path.


It’s a rainbow!


View of the untouched salt flats.

We stayed for a little while taking in the view before making our way back to the car. Badwater Basin is well worth visiting but it isn’t the type of place you need to devote a whole lot of time to seeing.


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