Gearing Up For Adventure – New Jersey, 8-4-15

Normally when it comes to outdoor trips I only need to pack enough gear for a few days at a time and also have the luxury of my own car to work with so space is never an issue. My motto in these situations is “if it fits, it ships” and as a result I will take anything and everything I think could potentially be useful. However, with my upcoming trip I had to be much more judicious in my packing. I had to pack enough cloths and equipment to last me 10 days in varying environments in addition to fitting it all within two bags. I could have taken more bags if necessary but I felt two was the ideal amount of bags in order to keep costs down when flying in addition to keeping things manageable for one person.

Below you will see a spread of most of my gear minus my jackets and additional clothing that I will be taking along with me. I was not going to bore everyone with a full inventory but if you have any questions about anything you see or about what I chose to bring in general I am happy to discuss!

The majority of my gear that I would be fitting into two checked bags at the airport.

The majority of my gear that I would be fitting into two checked bags at the airport.

I was packing everything into two North Face Base Camp Duffel bags which I would be checking in at the airport. One is a size medium and the other is an extra large. The larger blue blag is a new addition for me but I have flown with my smaller one many times and I have to say it is a fantastic bag. It is truly as bombproof as they advertise it to be. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a tough gear bag for traveling.

unnamed (1)

As you can see this thing fits a whole lot of stuff.

Now that I am all packed and ready to go I am just trying to wait patiently for Saturday to come along so I can hop on that airplane to Nevada. I can’t wait to get this show on the road!


All packed and ready to go. I am more surprised I didn’t wait until the last minute!

Be sure to check back regularly for reports from me along the way. I will be trying hard to get things posted up as they happen. This is mostly because I want to be able to write about a topic while it is fresh in my mind and before I forget any useful or fun bits of information. Also, as I mentioned above please feel free to shoot me any questions you may have as I would be happy to talk!

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